It will be titled ‘flora and fauna’.fresnel_installation_april2017-14fresnel_installation_april2017-27.jpgfresnel_installation_april2017-11.jpg Below: The focal point forms behind the first lens. april_fresnel_documentation-1.JPGfresnel_installation_april2017-26.jpg


The breakthrough came when I put a second fresnel lens in front of the fresnel installation (below).  Having 2 lenses forms what’s called 4f system- and what happens is one can see fragments of the image of the projection on the surface of the laser cut invertebrate lenses.  This ‘image at the surface’ is highly tied to the viewers own movement, making it very immersive.  But in general the second lens just added an great effect to the piece, people engage with it much more with the 2nd lens in front.  april_fresnel_documentation-20.jpg