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Finished installing the fresnel sculptures and they look great.  There is this odd sense of frozen time, where neither the projected image or the sculptures are moving, but the light is bending and moving through the lenses according to your movement.    IMG_8996.jpg

Things look really trippy from the other side of that lens.  I may put a large lens in front of the laser cut lenses:IMG_9313.jpgIMG_9308.jpgIMG_9367.jpgIMG_9339.jpg

Below: the first batch of fresnels.  Took some time to get the settings right since what I thought were the old settings were scorching my new brand of lenses- eventually got it by dialing down the power and putting blue painters tape on the back, transfer tape on the front to protect.  Imagery from invertebrate biology textbooks and the biodiversity heritage library.IMG_8959.JPGimg_8943Video:

img_8925IMG_8973.JPGA scorched one:img_8903My tests:img_8905:

I’ll be trained on the laser cutter next week!  While I’m focusing on cutting fresnels and transparent materials, I couldn’t help but gawk at some of these laser cut paper sculptures.  The one right below looks like pretty mold!  While I don’t aspire to the level of these artworks, It’s really quite amazing what is possible now.



Some inspiration for my own cuts: Haeckel_Spumellaria.jpg64d46a8d0ff41ab0ebdd53ec352655cc.jpg9992f3c29f8c81c140f515bd2c68bfe0.jpgi-27d4775dda188d3c4c57ce61e8cb67c8-Arctic Creature 6 - nemertean pelagonemertes rollestoni.jpg7501c406670ce2f9f2ef87d3f0398dad.jpgearthwormcsl-14B8A4ABC7C2C986625.jpgstock-photo-a-low-power-view-of-the-entire-cross-section-of-the-small-intestine-of-a-guinea-pig-showing-villi-43653424.jpg10.pngchelicerata nervous system.jpgDemospongiae_spicule_diversity.png