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I love transparent and optically interesting materials- I’ve been experimenting with printing clear objects which could be used to add sculptural depth to my laser cut fresnel-sculptures.  Colorfabb HT clear filament rocks!  It is quite strong and heat resistant (have to extrude at 260C), and has a high flow rate so seeps into air pockets which make other clear filaments turn cloudy.  With little to no fine tuning I produced the prints below, 100% infill of course.  Not perfectly clear, but pretty darn good.  I thought I’d have to have access to an SLA machine to do anything like this.  See:


unnamed-3.jpgunnamed-4.jpg16422944_1094187300710471_7746149964818617928_o 16422498_1094187387377129_3396496301691152864_o 16251902_1094187354043799_4222621691624287394_o 16423078_1094187457377122_7355409530632379873_o


IMG_8794.jpgReally love this clear filament- it prints pretty great also, atleast for these smaller objects- no warping or edge curling even though I’m not using an enclosure or cooling.  It is sticking well to PET tape @120C supplemented with wolfbite adhesive from matterhackers. At 0.1mm layer height and 15mm/s speed these are very slow prints though!

Got it printing pretty well over winter break!  In the beginning had trouble with layer shifts until I figured out a set screw was loose on my left motor- after that it was relatively minor fixes for stability.  I’ve been printing mostly ABS since me and PLA do not get along- below are my ABS (left) and PLA (right) benchys.  It is apparently possible to print ABS w/out enclosure if you use a ton of glue, also have been experimenting with the ‘enable draft shield’ option in Cura.  benchy.png

More prints (STLs available here:







^Quite a bit better then my first prints!:IMG_8062.JPG