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3dprinter_jessholz-4Got the new extruder- extruding much better now, there was definitely something loose in the old one.  I can get it to print a few layers of ABS but it then the print comes loose off the bed, so still needs tweaking.  My x-y is a little tight compared to Cameron’s and it’s making the motor drivers overheat (thankfully the smoothieboard protects itself by turning off)- hopefully can adjust the wheel tension ok.

EDIT: xy fixed!  Lionel noticed that one of the bolts from the belt clamps was protruding a little far and scraping the v-slot underneith.  Thank you Lionel for noticing that as I was about to take my carriage apart to put new spacers in.  Can’t wait to get this thing printing!  Video below is from before the xy was fixed, it was pointed out online that it might be skipping steps:

I spent a long time on brackets for the power supplies and electronics housing which attached to the outside of the frame, so I could eventually add an enclosure:


Other then the smoothieboard the main upgrades were the 575w heated bed and 3 point leveling.  Hopefully can get her printing over winter break.



So eventually I got my d-bot moving:

After a few erroneous steps per mm calculations it was still underextruding pretty bad so I checked the hotend, sure enough the heat block wasn’t tight.  I went to tighten it and accidentally ripped the thermistor off it’s wires.  So my printer is dead until next week when I get another hot end ($$$).

A sad looking print, the only one it’s made thus far: