So the only piece of acrylic I had big enough was mirrored.  I thought about leaving it that way as the reflections from the lights create a neat glistening effect in the fresnel-proteins.  But it just needed to be backlit, was too dreary without a glow.  So I sanded off the mirror backing then sandblasted the acrylic.



The guts.  There are two barrel jacks for power and a potentiometer which controls motor intensity in the back of the case.  As soon as I started adding electronics it became apparent how difficult it would be to access them.  Different things are tethered to different parts.

After doing a trial where the acrylic was resting on foam padding, it occurred to me that the platform should be resting on springs so to have the best range of motion. So springs happenend.


^The motor is secured beneath the sandblasted acrylic which has a rim to prevent proteins from spilling.