Adventures in vibrating platform fabrication: so for my cytoplasm sculpture, I started with making a box and immediately completely hated it.  It needed to be atleast round, if not more organic shaped.  So I drew inspiration from my existing micrograph:



My original design called for three 1.75″ plywood parts stacked together, to be CNC routed.  I started (above) but needed a different bit.  Unfortunately the motor driver on the CNC burned out after that, so I tried to have it done at milwaukee makerspace- when there computer power supply burned out.  So the guy that was helping me suggested to laser cut it- their laser cutter is a few inches bigger (makes a huge difference).  Meanwhile I still have this thick plywood that is actually sort of pretty, with a weird ass shape carved in it.

So I made my design a bit less tall and we cut it out of 1/4″ baltic birch plywood, in 12 layers.


^Notch for motor

IMG_6963I really struggled with the design, I did not want to make the membrane outline too thick, it’s a membrane after all.  But I needed something to conceal both the arduino and the vibration motor, hence the ginormous membrane.   In the final version, the arduino creates a dark corner, but oh well.  There was also a lot of guess work in anticipating how much room would be needed for the thing to vibrate, as well.