The end result, titled “Window into the cell”, exhibited at UWM’s Arts+Technology night, May 18th, 2016.


I was initially a bit disappointed as there weren’t enough proteins to really give a sense of molecular crowding, also, I did not anticipate the proteins would be so non-uniformly distributed, but the vibration is creating a sort of cymatic pattern so different areas have different energies (different areas are more attractive then others, due to shape)- the silver lining is that this is not entirely unlike in a cell.  I played around with using a lower vibration intensity at the end to try to jiggle them to the center again- 2 seconds was not enough, will have to play more with that.  Pete suggested warping the acrylic to  try and draw them towards the center.

Areas my proteins prefer:


Immediately before arts/tech night the 3D printed motor bracket broke off, so the motor was bouncing around inside like a bug for a little while- but hot glue fixed life.

..However, any disappointment I harbored quickly dissipated when people started rolling in for arts/tech night.  People seemed to like it, I was pleasantly surprised how many once they walked up actually pressed the button!


IMG_7039 (1).jpg